Craigh Wilson

Finding your Intuition

I was born with a gift: to teach you how to raise your vibration, to have confidence, clarity  and to become your own healer  to propel you forward with unlimited potential.  The exact tools you need to attract the life you want – the one you were meant to have – I can give you.

About Craigh

How I found my intuition

My mission in life is clear – to bring light to your mind, body and soul so that you can unveil your gifts, heal and shine brightly and live the life you were meant to live. I’ve dedicated most of my life to it. I’ve practised over 40,000+ hours of intuition, healing and meditation, years of training with world class masters, researched over 307 books on intuition, healing and higher consciousness, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful leaders and companies, royal families, from think tanks to banks, government, athletes and top universities.

It took 18 months, 30 years and a lifetime to write my international best selling book, Intuitive, because I wanted anyone who was on the journey of being the best version of themselves to have access to an ever green operating manual, a guide. To have the ability to read any chapter relevant to your life journey right now on-demand as you need it. I wanted to know that anyone could afford to have access to the knowledge, to be able to take responsibility for themselves and access their own full potential.

Four Ways to Work with Craigh


Intuitive: How to Access and Use your Birth-Given Intuition by Craigh Wilson

Discover a revolutionary new perspective to life, health and business through Craigh’s best-selling book. You will learn how to tap into your intuition and access your superpower by giving you the knowledge and toolkit to become the ultimate version of you. Live a life beyond your imagination – in flow and in alignment with your values, intentions and purposes.

Intuitive provides a practical way forward into what it really takes to maximise and leverage your intuition in today’s increasingly demanding world.

High Frequency Business Program - Group + 1-on-1 Program

Focusing on intuition in the heart, mind, body and soul, Craigh leads the group through four 50-minute activations to learn how to access and anchor the power of high-vibrational energy to magnify and attract the life and business of your dreams. Craigh will ensure your high-vibe energy is now aligned with your highest intentions and values to attract a like-minded and heart-based global tribe.



Private 1-on-1

Feel empowered to transform your intuition into a superpower to attract the success and life you deserve to live with one-on-one mentoring sessions with Craigh. During this program Craigh offers an intuitive blend of practical and spiritual support to transform you and your business. This powerful guided personal journey will anchor your energy and set up the foundation of your life success. You will discover who you are and the core reason you have been held back from taking yourself to the next life level. You will use this powerful toolkit for the rest of your life – in any situation, at any time transforming a block, challenge or opportunity to transform minutes into miracles.  

Masterclass (Coming Soon)

Please watch this space for further details