High Frequency Business Program


  1. Introduction to how we elevate your soul to the next level + Group Heart Activation.
  2. Private 1:1 session with Craigh will prepare you to fine tune your life and your heart activation, in a confidential setting and ask the questions you are seeking.
  3. Learn how to connect to your heart, gut and brain to clear energetic, mental and emotional blockages + Group Mind Activation.
  4. Now that you have accessed your heart, raised your energetic vibration and have experienced the start of a clearance in your mental and emotional bodies you will learn how to listen, connect and release with a powerful ‘Group Body Activation’.
  5. Private 1:1 session with Craigh where you will have the opportunity to review your key learnings, lean into your challenge points to become your own healer and trust your own intuition beyond what you dreamed possible.
  6. You will be feeling more in alignment and connected to yourself.  A feeling of calm, a sense of knowing you are on the right path will be integrated with a Group Soul Activation.
  7. Private 1:1  session with Craigh is a lifetime milestone moment where you will have the opportunity to gain clarity and understanding of your own life and how it works in complete alignment to the universe, your full potential and your life mission.
  8. Celebration of key learnings and experiences  – you now have wings to fly and you will learn how to put them into practice.
  9. Strategy Session – 1:1
This will program will set you up for future business and personal success.  It delivers the spiritual energetic framework to activate in your daily practices to enjoy a higher frequency in life, health and business.  The best program results come from commitment to these activation’s given to you during the program as they will deliver extraordinary optimal results as you will be in your ultimate life flow.
  • Q/A during each session
  • 10-15 minute Zoom/phone call for important break throughs 
  • Email support
  • Access to group Slack community to share and support each other 
  • Daily inspiring High frequency questions keeping you thinking, feeling, & being on track

Next Program – Tuesday 24 janUary 2023


The internal mind of the universe resides in all of us.  It starts with the heart.  When you get out of your head and into your heart you facilitate healing, attracting a higher life vibration professionally and personally.

Within my 60-minute one-on-one sessions, I mentor you so you feel empowered to attract success, helping you transform your intuition into a superpower to step into the life you deserve to live – making a bigger impact in the world than you ever dreamt possible.  Drawing on my gifts of intuition, healing and experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, I offer an intuitive blend of practical, and spiritual support to transform both you and your business. 

Your three sessions include a powerful guided personal journey to anchor your energy and set up the foundation of your life success.  You will discover who you truly are and the core reason you have been held back from taking yourself to the next life level – a life beyond your current imagination.  You will receive a powerful tool kit you can use for the rest of your life in any situation, at any time transforming a block, challenge or opportunity to transform minutes into miracles. 

4 group 1 hour activations focusing on the heart, mind, body and soul


Heart Activation

Let go of thought patterns and emotions to go deep within your heart. Find your spiritual heart and connect with the real YOU, where you understand who you are and your soul journey in life.  I will teach you where you meet yourself.

Mind Activation

As above, rinse and repeat, settle the mind, your emotions, get still, enter the heart, focus on breathing  energy into your lungs to expand your greater thought process to tap into your superpower aka intuition to live your best life. (hardest aka breakthrough moment in the program



Body Activation

Settle your mind, your emotions, go into your heart, lungs and mindset (brain), go through the whole-body energy centres and chakras, removing blockages in your life so you only show up as the best version of YOU and attract what you deserve.

Soul Activation

Integration of your life sequences so your evolution will always transform minutes into miracles. This unlocks unlimited potential when you need it most.


Learn how to access and anchor the power of high vibrational energy to magnify and attract the life and business of your dreams. I will guide you to activate your superpower of intuition in heart, mind, body and soul. Ensuring your high vibe energy is now aligned with your highest intentions and values attracting a like-minded and heart-based global tribe. 

If you’re struggling – 15-minute check-in with Craigh on a weekly basis to ensure you have the breakthrough moments in record time.

Impact + Power of the Program

Learn how to do an advance meditation in weeks, not years

  • Tune into situations, transform a toxic situation into a positive outcome
  • Protect your energy, learn how to remove toxicity
  • Transformational – what level do you want to step up to?
  • Proven activations to get there – you can do these x 2 a day for the rest of your life to remain in alignment with your destiny
  • Learn lifetime rituals so you meet yourself and step up to your true self on all levels, always in your A game
  • Going deep within your soul to seek answers you are looking for
  • Meditation is stillness. Our activation is drilling for gold within ourselves to find our true essence
  • Clearing the pathway for success, removing blocks at your own pace
  • When you place your effort into this program you will see XXX return
  • How to identify the blocks within you and around you
  • Lead from the heart not the ego – increase your frequency and become your own intuitive reader
  • Become available to new beginnings
  • I teach you the tool kits to follow through
  • Triple result by understanding your intent and purpose – life mission
  • Facts and statistics based on the power of meditation in a group to raise your frequency
  • Help you to increase your trust – read others energy fields to make the right decisions, to remove the feeling of being drained and trapped in a situation
  • Learn to heal yourself – get beyond the logic

At one stage in my life I lived like a monk investing in 4 – 5 hours meditation + yoga per day, doing the internal work on myself as I believe in digging deep to seek the answers our heart / soul wants us to know.  The outcome was I created a 24-hour bubble around myself, a high state of consciousness   – a high frequency operator.

These learnings are what I now teach others.

Meditation is stillness. Our activation is drilling for gold within ourselves to find our true essence.

Naomi White

Leadership and Culture Advisor and Executive Mentor

Naomi White Consulting

I have a high profile, busy life and prior to working with Craigh it was a challenge to make time for myself. My default operating style has always been from a place of logic over intuition. Craigh helped me to understand the power of flipping that, accessing the heart wisdom and augmenting intellect and logic with intuition. I can say now that by activating my intuition, I have greater confidence in my professional and personal decision making and now enjoy a much deeper connection to myself and others.

Craigh provides a clear process to activate and develop your intuition throughout his program. With his guidance I now have a better understanding of my purpose and life direction, a protocol for accessing the pathway forward and most importantly how to keep myself in my heart no matter what is going on around me. Today I feel healthier, more resilient, and have more energy which has also resulted in working with more of the right people who value my impact.

Craigh is highly skilled in helping people to access their hearts and their intuition to be more successful in life, relationships, and in business. With Craigh’s guidance, I have accessed new parts of myself, leading me to feel calmer and more confident, and contributing to greater success in my business. 

Sonia Bestulic

Entrepreneur, Author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster

What blocks did Craigh help you clear?
The breakthroughs were many; as Craigh facilitated clearing of ‘stuck’ emotions, any fears, and overwhelm. This helped establish a stronger foundation and space to allow more high frequency energy and momentum into all areas of my life.
How was the experience with Craigh impactful and worthwhile?
Craigh shares his unique gifts; with strong integrity and deep care. His teaching and guidance in using empowering tools and strategies is simply remarkable.
What was the benefit of working with Craigh that you got the most value from?
Craigh provides a wonderful balance of sensitivity and motivation to optimise your personal progress; whilst retaining the highest quality outcomes.
Would you recommend Craigh to others and was it worth the time, dollar and energy investment?
Yes. Craigh’s High Frequency Business Program is profoundly and positively life changing. This is an important investment in yourself; and a beautiful way to experience high-frequency congruency; and incorporate it as a way of being.
Would you work with Craigh again?
How ready are you now feeling to embrace 2022?
 I am looking forward to 2022; feeling better equipped, and energised with more clarity, support and confidence; to be at my absolute best to continue to give my best. 

Valerie Khoo

Artist + Writer CEO

Australian Writers' Centre

What blocks did Craigh help you clear?
In my entire life, I’ve never been successful at meditating or quietening my mind in an effective way. Despite trying different techniques in the past, I have not resonated with any of them. Craigh’s methodology has enabled me to understand the power of quietening one’s mind and has given me strategies that I can actually relate to.
How was the experience with Craigh impactful and worthwhile?
Craigh’s emphasis on connecting with your own intuition is different to many programs that usually only focus
specifically on technical skills.
What was the benefit of working with Craigh that you got the most value from?
Teaching me how to meditate and trust my intuition. Craigh approaches his work with sincerity and genuine care for his clients.
Would you recommend Craigh to others and was it worth the time, dollar and energy investment?
Yes. Craigh can help you tap into your intuition in a powerful way, through practical techniques that achieve results.
Would you work with Craigh again?
I am!
How ready are you now feeling to embrace 2022?
I feel like I have scratched the surface and still have a lot more to do in order to make the most out of what I’ve learned.

Alice Schaefer

Founder and Director

Retreat a Little

Craigh’s extensive business and life experience combined with his unique gift of showing you how to access and use your intuition make him one of the best mentors you can have by your side. I have recently completed the 9 Week Business Mentoring Program with Craigh and have now moved on to one on one mentoring sessions. 
The Business Mentoring Program includes group work, as well as private sessions. During this time, we have been able to clear many energy blocks and self-limiting beliefs. The program provided us with a toolbox, which we can access on a daily basis to quieten the mind and to make clear, fast and accurate decisions not just in business, but across all areas of life. Ultimately, any inner work always has a flow-on effect – changing how you see yourself, how much you value yourself and how you show up in the world. 
During the program, I met other like-minded & successful women from a very broad range of industries. In the safe group environment, we celebrated successes, shared our struggles and we provided each other with the necessary encouragement to keep going. It was great to experience how quickly this work can translate into business success.
I would highly recommend this as an investment into your own well-being, heart-based decision making and gaining access to a life that’s in ‘flow’ again.

Thank you Craigh for sharing your knowledge with the world.

Eloise Forster

Emergency Nurse

Intergrating Mindfulness in our healthcare system

I have just completed a 9-week energy course with Craigh Wilson. I have to say, this course is like no other. I wanted to do a course that would help me develop skills connecting to the deeper part of my intuition, sense of self and raise my energy frequency to higher levels. By doing so I can preserve my sense of self and energy resources yet give so much to my patients and clients I care for. Intuition and connecting to your heart is not as easy as it sounds, you need to let go of the invisible armour that we build around ourselves and you learn this from Craigh in a safe, gentle and warm way. It was incredibly empowering and my nerves around feeling vulnerable were put at ease in a moment. Craigh teaches you to listen and follow your intuition in order to move your business forward and from your true, authentic, centred self. Highly recommend and a life-changing experience and the more you do it the easier it becomes.