Evolving is one of, if not your number one priority.

My mission in life is clear – to bring light to the darkest parts of your mind, body and soul so you can live your gifts, heal and shine brightly,  living the life you were meant to live. 

I’ve dedicated my life to it – practising over 40,000 hours of intuition, healing and meditation; years of training with world class masters; researching over 307 books on intuition, healing and higher consciousness.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful leaders, companies, royalty, think tanks, banks, government, athletes and top universities.

The star you were born to be.

It took 18 months – plus thirty years and a lifetime – to write my international best-selling book, Intuitive

I want anyone on the journey of being the best version of themselves to have access to an evergreen guide to read any chapter relevant to their life journey on-demand. 

I want everyone to have affordable access to the knowledge, be able to take responsibility for themselves and access their full potential.

I understand what it means to suffer.

In the course of my life – I’ve been defeated again and again- in my career, relationships and health.

I started my career in business, determined to make my father proud, having watched him work three jobs for most of my life. I applied the work ethic I had learnt from watching him as a child, and threw myself into becoming a success in business in the shortest possible time.  Ultimately I reached the pinnacle of my corporate career in my mid thirties, setting up a multibillion dollar investment fund.

Despite the symbols of outward success, the price was too high and I was dying inside. My mind, body and spirit ultimately broke down from the stress and pressure – this led me down a path of healing and transformation, returning to my true self as I rediscovered my calling in life.  I walked through a long, dark night of the soul and ultimately emerged back into the light.

I went from being a successful corporate executive – only focused on chasing the dollar and the promotion – to letting go of my career, home and relationships. I knew I couldn’t go on living that  life. I was heart-broken and exhausted after creating a multi-million dollar business from scratch. As my feet gave way underneath me from exhaustion at 35-years-old, I muttered ‘I am too young to die.’  My corporate business was making me sick; killing me from the inside out.

 My heart was  torn between the life my heart was telling me to live and the life my head and ego were telling me to keep.

I walked away from it all – cutting ties with everything and everyone I knew. It was the toughest but best decision I ever made.

I surrendered to my purpose,   telling myself ‘If I am half as good as I think I am, I can make this work and achieve the life I have always dreamed of’.

 The energy had awakened to purify my mind, body and soul –  raising its frequency so I could help people. 

Through my transformation, I was able to transform others. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and business. I want to help leaders amplify their influence in the world by raising their consciousness; to help them scale and make a bigger impact in life and business.

I believe in divine timing, resilience and patience.

I trusted my heart and my gut. Over the last 30 years I have built a world-class conscious life and business.

We are in the most incredible times of change. Constant uncertainty and change  puts all of us under enormous pressure, with increasing frustration we are overwhelmed with  stress and trauma as we face more choices than before. We are expected to not only think and act clearly, but also quickly and correctly, the first time.

Through my teachings, I will provide the compassion and strength you need for the ultimate breakthrough.  Through my values of faith, truth and love, I will help unleash your self-belief and raise your energy beyond your imagination. You will release your spiritual, mental and emotional thoughts and feelings stopping you, so you can live a life of self-acceptance and love; to transform moments of fear into miracles in minutes and to anchor your authentic power, inner knowing and wisdom.