Case Studies

Naomi White

Leadership and Culture Advisor and Executive Mentor

Naomi White Consulting

I have a high profile, busy life and prior to working with Craigh it was a challenge to make time for myself.  My default operating style has always been from a place of logic over intuition. Craigh helped me to understand the power of flipping that, accessing the heart wisdom and augmenting intellect and logic with intuition.  I can say now that by activating my intuition, I have greater confidence in my professional and personal decision making and now enjoy a much deeper connection to myself and others.

Craigh provides a clear process to activate and develop your intuition throughout his program.  With his guidance I now have a better understanding of my purpose and life direction, a protocol for accessing the pathway forward and most importantly how to keep myself in my heart no matter what is going on around me.  Today I feel healthier, more resilient, and have more energy which has also resulted in working with more of the right people who value my impact.

Craigh is highly skilled in helping people to access their hearts and their intuition to be more successful in life, relationships, and in business.  With Craigh’s guidance, I have accessed new parts of myself, leading me to feel calmer and more confident, and contributing to greater success in my business.

Sharyn Burgess

Finance Architect

KnowHow Property Finance

Craigh is an amazingly gifted human who provides a rare, no-holds barred approach to developing your own intuition which we already hold within ourselves!

During my sessions with Craigh, I discovered that a significant block I needed to overcome was holding myself back due to limiting beliefs and a lack of self-love.

Some of these belief systems were so ingrained that we have spent a significant amount of time stabilizing my own belief systems, slowing down to speed up and practising self-love.

When I maintain these practices, the life flow I experience, both personally and professionally, is simply astounding.

I find the combination of meditation activation sessions and wisdom sessions provide a mult-faceted approach to ensuring that I am coached, guided and encouraged to grow and learn how to do this on my own.

I am a highly sought after mortgage broker whose connections and relationships are already driving a successful business model. However, my sessions with Craigh have allowed me to overcome the imposter syndrome within and in addition to my current business and family, I have birthed my passion business Cents for Life and have removed blocks to step into this light and share this passion far and wide.

I would highly encourage anyone seeking growth both professionally and personally to reach out to Craigh – You will be amazed with the results.

Matt Grbcic

Managing Director

MG Group

What blocks did Craigh help you clear?
It’s been an absolutely awesome journey with Craigh. We have worked closely together for a number of years. Craigh has helped me reach my full potential by removing old patterns, programs and healing a debilitating chronic illness. My blocks around guilt and confidence were having a major impact on my health and limiting the success of my business. It was amazing how Craigh actually showed me how to identify and remove my blocks physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not to mention actually heal my chronic illness.

I have really enjoyed continuing to work with Craigh for over five years now and taking myself and my business to new heights that I never thought possible. Every time I start to feel comfortable, Craigh is always there guiding me to the next level.

I have not come across any other program on the market that can explain and teach you how to identify and remove blocks. Craigh’s work is without question cutting edge.

How was the experience with Craigh impactful and worthwhile?
The level of intuitive accuracy that Craigh provides is truly world class. His advice is always spot on and comes from a place of truth and unconditional love. Craigh has always been readily available to support me through tough decisions and always goes over and beyond for his clients.  Having this support in your corner when dealing with issues in business, health and relationships is an absolute game changer. There is no chance of not achieving your goals when you have this type of support behind you.

What was the benefit of working with Craigh that you got the most value from?
The major attribute that Craigh delivered for me was teaching me how to access my own heart and intuition so that I can use it every single day for every decision. This has without question changed every aspect of my life and given me the tools to create a heart based business. Being able to wake up each day and lead with my heart has been the ultimate blessing. 

Sonia Bestulic

Entrepreneur, Author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster

What blocks did Craigh help you clear?
The breakthroughs were many; as Craigh facilitated clearing of ‘stuck’ emotions, any fears, and overwhelm. This helped establish a stronger foundation and space to allow more high frequency energy and momentum into all areas of my life.
How was the experience with Craigh impactful and worthwhile?
Craigh shares his unique gifts; with strong integrity and deep care. His teaching and guidance in using empowering tools and strategies is simply remarkable.
What was the benefit of working with Craigh that you got the most value from?
Craigh provides a wonderful balance of sensitivity and motivation to optimise your personal progress; whilst retaining the highest quality outcomes.
Would you recommend Craigh to others and was it worth the time, dollar and energy investment?
Yes. Craigh’s High Frequency Business Program is profoundly and positively life changing. This is an important investment in yourself; and a beautiful way to experience high-frequency congruency; and incorporate it as a way of being.
Would you work with Craigh again?
How ready are you now feeling to embrace 2022?
 I am looking forward to 2022; feeling better equipped, and energised with more clarity, support and confidence; to be at my absolute best to continue to give my best. 

Valerie Khoo

Artist + Writer CEO

Australian Writers' Centre

What blocks did Craigh help you clear?
In my entire life, I’ve never been successful at meditating or quietening my mind in an effective way. Despite trying different techniques in the past, I have not resonated with any of them. Craigh’s methodology has enabled me to understand the power of quietening one’s mind and has given me strategies that I can actually relate to.
How was the experience with Craigh impactful and worthwhile?
Craigh’s emphasis on connecting with your own intuition is different to many programs that usually only focus
specifically on technical skills.
What was the benefit of working with Craigh that you got the most value from?
Teaching me how to meditate and trust my intuition. Craigh approaches his work with sincerity and genuine care for his clients.
Would you recommend Craigh to others and was it worth the time, dollar and energy investment?
Yes. Craigh can help you tap into your intuition in a powerful way, through practical techniques that achieve results.
Would you work with Craigh again?
I am!
How ready are you now feeling to embrace 2022?
I feel like I have scratched the surface and still have a lot more to do in order to make the most out of what I’ve learned.